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EVER-POWER Group Co., Ltd., an illustrious industrial powerhouse, orchestrates a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries, notably including Hangzhou Ever-power Transmission, Hengchuang Agricultural Machinery , Jiukai Drive Shafts, Huachang Hydraulic Cylinders, and such as Handan Pulleys, Xi'an RTO Equipment Company, Taizhou Shen Work Machine Tools, Shengzhou Sprocket Factory, and Taizhou Equipment. This multifaceted conglomerate excels across various domains, delivering top-notch transmission components, gearboxes, drive shafts, hydraulic cylinders tailored for both agricultural and industrial applications, a spectrum of pulleys, avant-garde RTO environmental protection apparatus, comprehensive machine tools (encompassing CNC lathes, milling machines, machining centers, and more), alongside premium air compressors.

At the vanguard of industrial evolution, EVER-POWER Group embarks on a relentless pursuit of international expansion, technological refinement, and industrial sophistication. This ethos drives the group's dedication to system, technological, and managerial innovation, culminating in the production of superior-quality, highly-efficient offerings. From its roots in individual product provision, the group has metamorphosed into a holistic provider of integrated system solutions. As a herald of automated machinery solutions, EVER-POWER has woven an extensive marketing fabric spanning pivotal markets including China, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, and Spain, underscoring its commitment to excellence and global connectivity.

Adapting to specific client requirements, EVER-POWER takes pride in its capacity to craft bespoke products based on individual designs. The group's global stature is reinforced by an exemplary track record of product excellence and an unwavering commitment to post-sale service, earning it an esteemed reputation on the international stage.

EVER-POWER extends a warm invitation to potential clients and partners, both domestic and international, to engage in fruitful discussions, exchange pivotal industry insights, and forge robust collaborations.

Standing as a paragon among China's industrial fabric, EVER-POWER is not just a choice but a hallmark of quality. For discerning clients seeking top-tier manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, hzpt.com is the gateway to excellence with EVER-POWER.

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industries we service

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Company Concept

Company adhering to the management objective of quality first, prestige supreme.

Strong Technical Force

We have the experience of foreign advanced technology, advanced equipment, professional management team and complete the process, but in strict accordance with iso9001/ts16949 regulate production, thus ensuring the quality of each of manufactured products. While “reasonable price, prompt delivery time” to establish a good reputation among customers, the company has a number of domestic users and manufacturers to establish a solid relationship between supply and demand. While 80% of the company's products are exported to the united states, germany, japan, italy, malaysia, australia, the middle east and other countries and regions. Praised by users.

Customer Support

24×7 service support is one of the best services in the company.

24×7 service support providing quality services at anytime, anywhere in the world.

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