DY Series Right Angle Cylindrical Helical Gearbox DBY/DCY/DFY Series

The parallel shaft reducer is manufactured according to the national standard (JV/T8853-2001). The product has been optimized and designed to reach the international advanced level. It mainly includes four series: ZDY (single stage), ZLY (two stages), ZSY (three stages) and ZFY (four stages). The vertical shaft reducer is manufactured according to the national standard (JB/T9002-1999). It is used for transmission devices with input shaft and output shaft arranged in a vertical direction. It mainly includes three series: DBY, DCY and DFY. It is widely used in liquid crystal, miners, chemicals, building materials, lifting, transportation, prevention, paper making, plastics, rubber, engineering machinery, energy and other industrial sectors

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Features of DY Series Right Angle Helical Gearbox

  1. The optimization design is adopted on the main parameters, such as center distance and nominal transmission ratio, ensuring good interconnection between critical components.
  2. All gears are made of high-quality alloy steel. After carburizing and quenching, the tooth surface hardness reaches 54-62HRC.
  3. Small size, lightweight, high precision, large bearing capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable driving, and low noise.
  4. Normally, an oil pan is used for lubrication and natural cooling. If heat energy cannot be obtained, circulating oil lubrication or fans can be used, and cooling coils can be used for cooling.
  5. The input speed is 1500r/min.
  6. The peripheral speed of the gear drive is 20m/sec.
  7. The ambient temperature is - 40~500 ° C. If it is lower than 0 ° C, the lubricant shall be preheated to>0 ° C before startup. The reducer can run forward and backward.
  8. It is suitable for metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials, lifting, transportation, textile, paper making, paper making, food, plastic, rubber, engineering machinery, energy, and other industries.

DY Series Right Angle Helical Gearbox DBY/DCY/DFY SeriesDY Series Right Angle Helical Gearbox DBY/DCY/DFY Series

HousingCast Iron or Steel Plate Welding
Gear SetHardened Helical Gear Pairs & Bevel Gear Pairs, Carburizing, Quenching, Grinding, Gear Hardness HRC54-62
InputKeyed Solid Shaft Input
Output ConfigurationsKeyed Solid Shaft Output
Keyed Hollow Shaft Output
Hollow Shaft Output with Shrink Disk
Main OptionsBackstop
Forced Lubrication Oil Pump
Cooling Fan, Cooling Coils
InstallationHorizontal Mounted
LubricationOil Dip and Splash Lubrication
Forced Lubrication
CoolingNatural Cooling
Auxiliary Cooling Devices (Cooling Fan, Cooling Coils)


DY SeriesModelsRatio
DBY (2 Stage)DBY160, DBY180, DBY200, DBY224, DBY250, DBY280, DBY315, DBY355, DBY400, DBY450, DBY500, DBY5608~14
DCY (3 Stage)DCY160, DCY180, DCY200, DCY224, DCY250, DCY280, DCY315, DCY355, DCY400, DCY450, DCY500, DCY560, DCY630, DCY710, DCY80016~50
DFY (4 Stage)DFY160, DFY180, DFY200, DFY225, DFY250, DFY280, DFY320, DFY360, DFY400, DFY450, DFY500, DFY560, DFY630, DFY71090~500


Reducer processing process

1. Box manufacturing process
Mechanical modeling of metal film
Casting on production line
Artificial aging treatment
Shot peening
Machining center processing
CMM inspection
2. Gear processing process
forging, normalizing, Rough car, Fine turning, Hobbing, Tooth end chamfer, carburization, quench, Shot blasting, Grinding end face and inner hole, Gear grinding accuracy detection, Wire cutting, keyway, Magnetic particle inspection, Ultrasonic cleaning and rust prevention
3. Process flow of gear shaft processing
Forging, normalizing, rough turning, fine turning, gear hobbing, milling, keyway, carburizing, quenching, shot blasting, grinding, central hole, grinding, excircle grinding, accuracy testing, magnetic particle flaw detection, ultrasonic cleaning and rust prevention

Installation and lubrication of cylindrical gear reducer


  1. Generally, cylindrical gear reducer shall be installed on the horizontal plane with a gradient of no more than 10 °. If the gradient is greater than 10 ° due to special needs, please contact our company before use to discuss relevant matters.
  2. When the input shaft and output shaft are connected with the power and supporting machinery, if the coupling is used for connection, the shaft shall be strictly aligned with the shaft without misalignment, and the V-belt and chain shall not be too tight or loose.
  3. The installation foundation shall be firm and reliable without vibration and looseness. The fixing screws shall be selected in strict accordance with relevant standards and regulations. 4. The installation screws shall be checked irregularly to see whether they are tightened and fixed firmly. Spring washers shall be selected as the washers as far as possible.


  1. The gear reducer is generally lubricated by oil pool. Before use, it is important to add medium and extreme pressure gear oil N220 or N320 to the specified position (20-30mm above the lowest gear) and supplement regularly.
  2. After 50 hours of initial use, the oil shall be replaced immediately, and the oil stain inside the machine body shall be cleaned. After that, it shall be completely replaced every three months.
  3. Please replace the oil seal as soon as possible.

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