The side bow chain consists of standard solid roller / solid bushing roller links. Specially designed pin links allow increased clearance between pins and bushings and between the roller link and pin link plates. This feature slightly lets the chain twist or curve on a horizontal plane. We export side bow roller chains from 35SB to 80SB, specially designed for curved conveyor applications on bottling, packaging, canning, and conveying machinery. They are made of high-quality materials and specifications and undergo the same manufacturing processes and precision finishing as ANSI standard roller chains. Stainless steel side bow roller chains and attachments for conveyor purposes are also available.

About Side Bow Chain

(1) Side bow chain have similar dimensions of standard chain but has been designed to be able to go side flex.

(2) Except normal side bow chains, we also have 63SB chain with special extended pins on both sides to hold plastic flights or snap as a side-flexing table chain.

(3) The chain is used when conveying system requires curve going, such as baggage carousel in airport or vertical spiral conveyor in intra logistics.

(4) It can be used with standard sprockets and available in carbon steel and stainless steel.

(5) We also have various corrosion resistant coatings for carbon steel to increase working life in corrosive environment.

Features of Side Bow Chain

  • Designed to be able to go side flex.
  • Heat treatment for improved hardness and strength
  • Shot peening for improved fatigue strength
  • Solid bushing and roller for carbon steel chain
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings available
  • Matched and tagged available
  • Work with standard sprockets
  • Custom design available

Applications of Side Bow Roller Chain

Side bow chains can be supplied with special lubricants or special coatings, or fitted with bent attachments, flat plastic conveyor plates or extended pins The attachments for side bow chains can be manufactured upon request. Side bow chains are also used in power transmission drives where an abnormal chain twist or sprockets misalignment may take place.
Side bow roller chains are used in a wide variety of applications. Some examples of their uses are conveyor technology, cleaning technology and industrial laundries, high-temperature plant environments, the textile industry, packaging industry, logistics systems and the food and beverage industry.

Why Choose Side Bow Chains?

There are several advantages of Side bow chains. One of them is that they have a smaller centering projection. This is achieved by the inner link plate having a groove positioned in the middle of it. This groove allows the centering projection to pivot further into the transition region. In this way, the chain can bow sideways and be more stable. In addition, they are much cheaper than conventional designs.

Another advantage of Side bow chains is their flexibility. They can be adjusted to flex either to the left or the right. Choosing between a conical pin and a loose bush and pin depends on your preferences. The former is cheaper, but has a lower pitching accuracy. The latter has a longer life and is ideal for high-speed operations. Some chains can be customized to fit specific needs, so they can meet specific specifications.

Sprockets For Chains

There are two standards for sprockets: ISO and metric. ISO sprockets are used in most American, European, and Asian machines. In the United States, ISO sprockets are used to meet stringent standards, while metric sprockets are more flexible and interchangeable with European-style chains. For the most part, sprockets are interchangeable, although there is still a small number of exceptions to this rule.

The most common type of sprockets are made from metal or reinforced plastic. These devices are closely related to gears, and their wheel-shaped design with teeth allows them to span greater distances than their mating gears. Most sprocket and chain systems are similar to bicycle chain assemblies.

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